About Us

Excellence in civil and structural engineering

We built our design philosophy over decades of experience to ensure we deliver the right solutions, no matter the problem.

Cost Effective Design

Our commitment to engineering excellence ensures that we keep up with latest Australian Design Standards, construction trends and alternative construction materials. Our design methodology ensures that alternative concept designs are developed in close liaison with the project team. This allows the most cost effective solution to be assessed at an early stage to achieve the project specific requirements. Where necessary, we would seek early contractor involvement to obtain feedback on constructibility and market trends.

Attention to Detail

At Terpkos we strive to provide the most cost efficient & appropriate solutions that have been thoroughly analysed and verified by the latest engineering standards. We believe good design is only delivered by thorough documentation and detailing that has been co-ordinated with all consultants. Thorough documentation ensures projects can be accurately costed and minimise risk of variations during construction.


We think of engineering as a creative industry with no two problems the same and all with an infinite number of solutions. The creativity lies in the space between what is required and how it can be achieved and optimised. We are determined to offer each project the attention necessary to ensure the project's success in all areas of involvement including the environment, industry, community and workplace. Engineering provides the ability to make concepts and ideas a reality and at Terpkos, that’s what we love to do.

Company History

Founded in 1988, we value our long working relationship with many government organisations and leading architects that continuously engage us to provide civil and structural engineering in Western Australia. The reputation of the firm is based on our ability to develop cost effective and practical civil and structural solutions for a wide range of projects throughout metropolitan and regional Western Australia.

We take pride in developing appropriate solutions that are specific to each projects requirement’s and preparing a clear, thorough and well-co-ordinated set of drawings. Our team strives for innovation built from a core belief of first principles problem solving to provide value on a wide range of projects including government and Institutional, regional and remote housing, multi storey buildings, luxury housing, and land development structures.

We are proud to have developed long term clients that appreciate that we aim to deliver practical, durable, cost effective solutions with a focus on innovation and constructibility.